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FastComments provides several types of analytics to site admins, and any user with the Analytics role.

In this documentation we'll cover both Analytics and Billing Analytics, what they are, the accuracy, and common use cases.

Analytics Accuracy vs Other Platforms Internal Link

You may find that our Analytics metrics show slightly different numbers than, say, Google Ads © or similar products.

For sites with one comment widget per-page, the numbers provided by FastComments Analytics are very accurate, and if incorrect will be lower than the actual value, but not more.

If you have an SPA you may find the FastComments Analytics numbers are higher than those reported by your marketing products. This is because the marketing product may only be tracking when the page is not loaded, but not every time a user does something in the page that might trigger a new comment thread from showing, which would count as a page load to FastComments Analytics.

Technical Information

FastComments Analytics tracks every page load, and does not rely on randomness as an optimization. Every page load results on an in-memory count being updated in each thread on each server, which is then periodically persisted to the database via an atomic operation.

Google Analytics Internal Link

We can configure FastComments to notify Google Analytics 4 when someone interacts with the comment widget.

We can track when users:

  • Comment.
  • Vote.

Here's an example code snippet to do that:

Google Analytics 4
Copy Copy
2<script src=""></script>
3<div id="fastcomments-widget"></div>
5 FastCommentsUI(document.getElementById('fastcomments-widget'), {
6 tenantId: "demo",
7 onReplySuccess: function (comment) {
8 gtag('event', 'post_comment', {
9 'event_category': 'Engagement',
10 'event_label': 'Comment Posted'
11 });
12 },
13 onVoteSuccess: function (comment) {
14 gtag('event', 'vote_comment', {
15 'event_category': 'Engagement',
16 'event_label': 'User Voted on a Comment'
17 });
18 }
19 });

This will add two events:

  • Label: Comment Posted, Category: Engagement, ID: post_comment
  • Label: User Voted on a Comment, Category: Engagement, ID: vote_comment

That's everything to deal with Analytics for now. Let us know below if you think we've missed something, thank you!