FastComments offers a feature-rich badge system on all plans to award your users and moderators. Read on to learn what types of badges we support, who can get what type of badge, and the requirements for each.

Progression Internal Link

FastComments shows progression on via badges in a number of ways.

For the following examples we'll have the badges setup:

  1. New User (Comment Count Badge with threshold = 1)
  2. Newbie (Comment Count Badge with threshold = 10)
  3. Top Member (Comment Count Badge with threshold = 100)

Badge Stacking

Stacking is the default badge behavior. When a user earns a new badge, it simply gets added onto their profile and displayed on all their comments. Up to 15 badges are displayed.

Replacing Badges

Badges can be configured to replace other badges. When editing a badge, you can select which badge the new badge replaces.

We can configure Newbie to replace New User and Top Member to replace Newbie. This way, the previous badge is automatically hidden and the new shiny badge is shown. All versions still remain in the user's account. They can always hide the Top Member badge if they want and show the Newbie badge.

Checking Progress

A user can see the progress of earning a badge on their profile. It will show, at the top of their profile, how far along they are for earning a badge (for example, how many comments they left and how many they need to leave, or how long they've been a member, etc).

Manual Badges Internal Link

Manual badges are badges which are never automatically awarded. Administrators and moderators can award this badge by selecting the Award Badge option in the comment menu which will award the badge to the user and display it on all their comments, or by opening the user's profile by clicking their avatar, and in the top right menu clicking Manage Badges.

Comment Count Internal Link

The Comment Count badge type is awarded based on a given threshold. It is only awarded based on approved comments.

Note: Removing comments does not remove this badge.

Up-Votes Internal Link

The Up-Votes badge is awarded based on the number of up-votes, or likes, to users' comments. It is not affected by the user up-voting their own comments, and it is not affected by down-votes.

Note: Removing comments does not remove this badge.

Replies Internal Link

The Replies badge is earned based on the number of replies a user earns. This is to drive engagement - if a user is earning replies to their comments, they're getting users to spend time on your site, so you should award them and encourage this behavior.

Note: Removing comments does not remove this badge.

Pinned Comments Internal Link

The Pinned Comments badge is awarded based on how many of the user's comments get pinned over time. This is to encourage users to create content that is useful enough to be pinned.

Note: Un-Pinning or removing comments does not remove the badge.

Veteran Internal Link

The Veteran badge is automatically awarded based on the time from first comment. It is configured to be awarded after a set number of years.

Note: Removing comments does not remove this badge. We store the user's first time of interaction with your site separately.

Night Owl Internal Link

The Night Owl badge is awarded based on if the user is commenting at night in their local time zone. This helps users feel special for interacting with your site off-hours, which may show dedication.

Currently, comments left between 10PM and 4AM count toward this badge and this is not configurable.

Fast Reply Time Internal Link

The Fast Reply Time badge progress is earned when a user quickly replies to another user. This can be used to encourage members of your community to quickly help other members, among other things. Only approved comments count.

To count progress toward this badge, the reply must be within 40 seconds of the parent (FastComments is live, after all!). This is not currently configurable today but may be via support request.

Note: Removing comments will not remove progress toward this badge.

Reply to Specific Page Internal Link

The Reply to Specific Page badge can be configured to be awarded when a user comments on a particular page. For example, if you have an FAQ page, you might want to award users for answering questions here. It is based on a configurable threshold, for example you may only want to award this badge after they leave 10 comments on said page.

Intro to Moderator Badges Internal Link

Moderator Badges are badges only available to moderators.

They are designed to award moderators for helping you with your site! They can also add a little fun competition.

Like the user badges they are not automatically setup. You have to add and configure them how you want.

Comments Deleted Internal Link

This badge is awarded when comments are deleted. It is called Big Hammer by default.

Comments Approved Internal Link

This badge is awarded when comments are approved. It is called Big Stamp by default.

Comments Un-Approved Internal Link

This badge is awarded when comments are un-approved (hidden). It is called Red Stamp by default.

Comments Reviewed Internal Link

This badge is awarded when comments are marked reviewed. It is called Fast Mod by default.

Comments Marked Spam Internal Link

This badge is awarded when comments are marked as spam. It is called Spam Detector by default.

Comments Marked Not Spam Internal Link

This badge is awarded when comments are marked as not spam. It is called Not Spam by default.

Got Suggestions?

That's it for FastComments Badges! Let us know below of any questions you may have, or if you have any ideas for more badges!