Hosting FastComments On Prem

FastComments provides several solutions for deployment. The most common is where we host the application for you.

However, we understand some customers cannot store their information in the cloud, and require hosting all of their data on-premises.

This documentation covers that use case.

What's Included Internal Link

FastComments On Prem allows you to deploy our live commenting solution, including all moderation and admin tools, on your own hardware.

This means that you have control over your data, and the commenting system is potentially only accessible on your local LAN.

Deployment Architecture Internal Link

Required Components

For most deployments, FastComments just consists of an application server, a database, and a live connection manager.

The live connection manger can be scaled horizontally if needed in conjunction with Redis.


With FastComments On Prem, there are two main options for deployment.

  1. Single Docker Container (single machine).
  2. Horizontal deployment.

Single Docker Container

A Docker container can be provided that includes the entire software stack. On commodity hardware, this will still perform well for tens of thousands of concurrent users.

Setup Cost

This has the lowest setup cost, since the machine running the container simply has to have Docker setup.

Horizontal Deployment

For larger deployments, our technical consulting staff can set up an On Prem deployment of our software that has more redundancy.

Setup Cost

This has the highest setup cost, since multiple machines have to be setup, secured, and monitored.

Where to Start Internal Link

To start deploying FastComments On Prem, reach out to us.

With FastComments On Prem, pricing starts at our Unlimited tier with a minimum of a one year commitment.

In Conclusion

You've reached the end of the On Prem documentation. Let us know what further comments or questions you have below - you may also reach out to us via the Support Page.