Supported Browsers Internal Link

FastComments is tested with the browsers that makes up the overwhelming majority of browser market share.

This includes:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • FireFox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • iOS Safari
  • Chrome for Android
  • Samsung Internet

For the sake of security and providing the best experience for the majority of our customers, we do not support browsers that no longer receive security updates or have a very small amount of traffic.

Internet Explorer Internal Link

Since Microsoft plans to stop mainstream support of IE11 in 2021, we currently no longer support it.

How We Test Internal Link

For even small changes, we run an automated test suite on production after every release.

We cover as much surface area of the app with this mechanism as we can, including live commenting and emails.

If you find an issue, let us know.

JavaScript Requirements Internal Link

Our commenting widget requires a browser that supports at a minimum ES6 JavaScript standards to provide a rich interactive experience.