Types of Animated Images Supported Internal Link

Animated images, or sometimes just referred to as "gifs", can either be uploaded manually via the image upload button when commenting, or selected via the Gif Picker.

Disabling image uploads disables images entirely in comments - both via uploads and the Gif Picker.

User Uploaded Animated Images Internal Link

FastComments supports uploading both .gif and .webp animated images.

Note that all uploaded images may be resized or compressed as needed. The maximum allowed image size for uploading is 20mb.

The Gif Picker Internal Link

The gif picker by default shows a paginated list of current trending gifs. At the top a search field is displayed, allowing the user to search for images by one or more terms.

Gif Providers

Currently, the only integration FastComments supports is with Giphy.

Gif Anonymization

All assets and API calls from Giphy are stripped of information like cookies and your users' ip address.

The Gif Content Rating

The content rating of gifs can be customized to be anywhere from PG to R-rated depending on your audience. Documentation for customizing the content rating is here.