Add Comments to Godaddy Sites

With FastComments we can easily add live commenting to any site built with Godaddy.

Note that this tutorial requires a FastComments account. It's recommended that you sign up first and then come back here. You can create an account here.

We'll be covering adding FastComments to a blog built with Godaddy, but the same general instructions apply to any site.

Step 1: Add a Code Area Internal Link

To add FastComments to our Godaddy site we're going to add an area to put the widget code.

Note! Ensure you have added a blog section and at least one blog post to your site before continuing.

Let's add an HTML code area by moving our mouse below the blog post in the site editor, and clicking Add Section as follows:

Add Section
Add Section

Now search for HTML. Once the "Embed custom code on the page" box shows up, click Add.

Add HTML Box
Add HTML Box

You should now see an empty code area in the editor.

Empty Code Area
Empty Code Area

Click on the empty code area you've added. On the bottom right you'll now see a Custom Code input field.

Custom Code Input Area
Custom Code Input Area

That's it for step one! In step two we will be adding our custom Godaddy-specific code.

Step 2: Add Code Internal Link

Now that you've added a custom HTML block, we can add the FastComments widget code.

Use the following code for Godaddy, not code from other tutorials. This code is Godaddy-specific.

Copy the following code:

Godaddy Comments Code Snippet
Copy Copy
2<script src=""></script>
3<div id="fastcomments-widget"></div>
5 (function () {
6 if (top.location.pathname && top.location.pathname.includes('/f')) {
7 FastCommentsUI(document.getElementById('fastcomments-widget'), {
8 tenantId: "demo",
9 pageTitle: top.document.title,
10 url: top.location.href,
11 urlId: top.location.pathname
12 });
13 }
14 })();

This specific code snippet is designed to be compatible with Godaddy, and will also only show on your blog posts - not the homepage.

Now paste the code into the Custom Code area mentioned in Step One.

Copy and Paste The Code
Copy and Paste The Code

Hit Done in the top right:

Click Done
Click Done

That's it for step two!

Step 3: Publish Internal Link

Finally, we can publish our changes.

At the top of the page hit the Publish button:


Success Internal Link

When visiting your site you should now see the FastComments comment box visible on blog posts:

FastComments Enabled
FastComments Enabled

Congratulations on setting up FastComments with Godaddy! If you've run into a Domain Error, or would like to learn how to customize the comment area, read on!

Customization Internal Link

FastComments is designed to be customized to match your site.

If you'd like to add custom styling, or tweak configuration, Checkout our Customization Documentation to learn how.