Add Comments to Webflow Sites

With FastComments we can easily add live commenting to any Webflow site.

The instructions below are for a simple static site, but they would work as well for a dynamic one via Webflow Collections.

Note that this tutorial requires a FastComments account. It's recommended that you sign up first and then come back here. You can create an account here.

Step 1: Add an Embed Block Internal Link

First, we're going to add an Embed Block. This is what will show our Comment widget.

Step One: Add an Embed Block
Add an Embed Block

Step 3: Publish Internal Link

Now we are set to publish our site!

Step Three: Publish

Success Internal Link

You should now see the Live Commenting widget:


Customization Internal Link

FastComments is designed to be customized to match your site.

If you'd like to add custom styling, or tweak configuration, Checkout our Customization Documentation to learn how.