Add Comments to Webnode Sites

** NOTICE ** we are currently investigating complaints from customers regarding this documentation. It appears Webnode has removed the HTML Block feature, we are working with their support staff on this.

Step 1: Edit Your Page Internal Link

First, we need to edit the template of the page we want to add comments to.

Open up the page in Pages and click Edit in the bottom:

Step One: Edit Page
Edit Page

Step 2: Add Section and HTML Block Internal Link

Next, determine where you want to add comments. Mouse over the bottom of the previous content area and click to add a section:

Step Two: Add Section
Add Section

Now let's put an HTML block in that section, where the code snippet will go. Select HTML:

Step Three: Add Code Block
Add HTML Block

Step 3: Copy & Paste Code Snippet Internal Link

Now, copy this code snippet:

Installation Code
Copy Copy
2<script src=""></script>
3<div id="fastcomments-widget"></div>
5FastCommentsUI(document.getElementById('fastcomments-widget'), {
6 "tenantId": "demo"

Then paste it in the block:

Step Three: Paste Code
Paste Code

It should look like this in the editor:

Step Three: Review

Step 4: Publish Internal Link

Now you can publish your changes to see the comment widget live on your site!

Step Four: Publish

Success Internal Link

You should now see the Live Commenting widget:


Customization Internal Link

FastComments is designed to be customized to match your site.

If you'd like to add custom styling, or tweak configuration, Checkout our Customization Documentation to learn how.