When Does FastComments Send Notifications? Internal Link

At FastComments, we know you get enough notifications already. Because of this, we take some measures to limit the notifications users receive while still keeping them in touch with their communities. We also want to keep administrators and moderators up to date and let them know when action needs to be taken.

We'll send notifications for the following events for administrators and moderators:

  • Community Digest Summary (frequency configurable).
  • Community help requests and reminders.
  • New Comments This Hour.

For Commenters:

  • When someone replies to your comment (via email).
  • When you are mentioned (via email).
  • When someone replies in the same thread (in-app notification only).
  • When someone replies to a child comment in the same thread (in-app notification only).
  • When someone replies to a page you have subscribed to (in-app notification only).
  • When a user comments for the first time (But not with SSO).
  • When a user leaves a comment in a session that is not verified (But not with SSO).
    • We do not send multiple verification emails in this case. Only the first one, which will verify all activity in the same session.

...and finally for administrators only:

  • When integrations are complete.
  • When migrations are complete.
  • When imports or exports finish.
  • When there are billing issues.
  • Trial-end reminders.

Some notifications are batched up to prevent mass-sending of notifications to users. Learn about this in the next section Notification Types.

Notification Types Internal Link

There are a few types of notifications and mediums in which FastComments sends notifications:

  • Immediate via email.
  • Immediate via app.
    • These are shown under the notification bell icon.
  • Batched via email.
    • These are batched up on a per-hour basis. If there is nothing to send for the user in that timeframe, we do not send an email.
  • Timed via email.
    • Examples include the Community Digest Summary which can be sent daily, weekly, or monthly (or disabled).

Configuring Notifications for SSO Internal Link

For SSO there is the following configuration to consider for notifications:

  • Whether the user has opted into notifications.
    • This is done by setting the optedInNotifications flag to true or false in the SSOUser object.
    • This can be set via the API.
    • Also, if you pass a value for this flag in the payload, it will automatically be updated when the user loads a comment thread.
  • Defining their email.
    • If not present, we can't send email based notifications.
  • Whether to disable unsubscribe links in emails.
    • This is done via the disableUnsubscribeLinks flag in the Tenant object.
    • This can be set via the API.
  • Whether to use a custom unsubscribe link.
    • This is done via the footerUnsubscribeURL property on the DomainConfig object.
    • This can be set via the API.
    • You may also want to consider setting the relevant unsubscribe headers via emailHeaders in the same object.