Multiple Sites

In this guide we'll cover how to add comments to multiple sites, domains or subdomains, from the same FastComments account as well as some common use cases.

Setup Internal Link

All requests to load the comment widget are authenticated to see that they are coming from your site. This is why FastComments needs to know which site, or sites, you want to install FastComments on.

FastComments supports authentication by means of domain, as well as subdomains.

Let's take the site https://example.com. In this case, "example.com" is the domain. example.com supports both example.com, and www.example.com. We'll call the "www" the "subdomain".

If this site were to be a FastComments customer, they would add "example.com" to their account, as this would support "example.com" as well as all subdomains (www, and others).

However, if you were using a blogging platform, and you were given a subdomain, you would want to add the full domain including the subdomain to your account, for example: cats.blogger.com.

We can add domains to our account by visiting the "My Domains page" and clicking "Add a Domain" at the bottom:

The My Domains Page

During the trial period, domains are automatically added to your account when requests come from said domains. However, after this time they must be added explicitly for security.

Domain Limits Internal Link

Subscriptions are limited by the corresponding traffic for their tier, not the number of domains, so there are no domain limits today with FastComments.

Traffic Limits & Domains

In the example where you are on a tier with five million monthly page loads with five domains added to your account, and each domain ends up with one million page loads, you will have met your monthly quota.

Sometimes FastComments has to email your users, especially if you are not using Secure SSO.

Examples of this includes verifying their account or activity when commenting for the first time. FastComments will also send them notifications for replies to their comments.

When FastComments emails your users, we will use a default From Name and Email of FastComments Robot and noreply@fastcomments.com.

We'll also use our own logo in the footer of these emails.

This all can be customized on a per-domain basis via the "My Domains page":

Customizing From Name, Email, and Logo

When customizing the logo shown in emails, ensure that the size you are uploading is the same size that you want to show in the footer of the email.

Customizations Internal Link

The comment widget can be customized on a per-domain basis.

On the widget customization page, you'll find an input labeled "domain". While entering * in this field will apply the rule to all sites on your account, entering a specific domain will restrict the settings or custom CSS you wish to apply to only that domain.

Customization Rule Domain

Comment Moderation Internal Link

The Moderate Comments page combines the comments across all of your sites.

In order to find the comments for a specific site, simply search for the domain with quotes, for example: "blog.fastcomments.com".

Searching Comments by Site

Sharing Comments Across Domains Internal Link

Comments themselves are not tied to a particular domain. They are tied to your account, and the "urlId" provided.

This means that we can render the same comment thread on two separate sites with the same FastComments account by simply passing in the same value for "urlId" in the widget configuration.

In this scenario, comments posted on page A would immediately appear on page B, and vice-versa. Live commenting also works as expected.

In Conclusion

You've reached the end of the Multiple Sites documentation. Let us know what further comments or questions you have below - you may also reach out to us via the Support Page.