Add Live Commenting to WordPress Sites

Quick Start Internal Link

This is the "too long did not read" version of the WordPress instructions.

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard Plugins page. Click Add Plugin.
  2. Search for FastComments.
  3. Install and activate our plugin.
  4. Click FastComments on the left navigation.
  5. Follow instructions. This usually takes a few minutes, but not more.
    1. If you have tens of thousands, or millions of comments, it may take some time to sync.

Customization Internal Link

FastComments is designed to be customized to match your site.

If you'd like to add custom styling, or tweak configuration, Checkout our Customization Documentation to learn how.

Notifications Internal Link

Your members will receive the same notifications as any other type of user when they are replied to or mentioned. Learn more.

Custom Themes Internal Link

While we can't control how themes are implemented, FastComments supports the majority of themes.

Some themes that try to move the comment area into modals and similar layouts may require custom development support from us.

Syncing Back to WordPress Internal Link

By default, FastComments syncs back to your WordPress site daily. This is purely for backup purposes so you continue to own a copy of the data, and for plugins that may depend on it.

This does not happen immediately with every comment saved due to the nature of some sites being able to handle heavy read traffic, their database deployments are not always able to handle the heavy write traffic (hence offloading this work to FastComments).

The sync schedule back to the WordPress can be customed by installing a plugin. We recommend WP Crontrol.


  1. Install WP Crontrol
  2. Go to Settings -> Cron Schedules.
  3. Go to the Cron Events tab.
  4. Search for fastcomments_cron_hook.
  5. Edit the event. You can configure the hook to run hourly, twice a day, daily (default), or once a week.

The sync back to WordPress can also be performed any time manually by going to the FastComments plugin dashboard and selecting Manually Sync. You will have the option to sync back to your WP install, or to re-upload your WP comments to FastComments servers.

Comment Counts Internal Link

The FastComments WordPress plugin will replace the default WordPress count mechanism with a system provided by FastComments. We will make one asynchronous request per page load when there are a list of posts with comment counts to show. If the user has JavaScript disabled, it will fall back to the default WordPress counts so there is not a loss in functionality.

Deactivating vs Uninstalling The Plugin Internal Link

Deactivating the plugin will remove your token from your WordPress install. Your data remains on FastComments servers until you delete your account. If you re-activate the plugin, then you will have to perform the initial sync again.

Uninstalling the plugin removes all data related to the plugin, but you still would have to delete your FastComments account to delete the data that resides there.