FastComments provides self-service tools along with direct developer support for migrations to our platform, migrations of data within our platform, and exports from our product.

In this guide you will learn about all three.

Migrating From Other Providers Internal Link

When migrating from another provider, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Existing comment data, including replies.
  2. User accounts, including avatars.
  3. Custom styling.

The self-service data import discussed in the next few sections covers the first two. For customization, see our customization guide.

Migrating Pages Internal Link

While its name is the Domain Migration tool, it can also be used to migrate comments across individual pages.

Simply enter the old and new urlId values in the from and to input fields.

Exporting Data Internal Link

All comment data can be exported from our platform in CSV format.

Note that dates in this file will be in the UTC timezone, in ISO format.

If you are looking to periodically pull data from FastComments, we suggest using Webhooks.


In the case of WordPress integrations, FastComments automatically syncs the data back to your WordPress installation periodically. Because of this, migrating from FastComments means you simply have to turn it off.