What is White Labeling Internal Link

With FastComments White Labeling it is possible to create and manage your own tenants. Billing may be handled on your behalf, or can be handled by

White Labeled tenants are created via the API. They can have their own Administrators, Commenters, SSO Users, configuration, and so on.

Setting up White Labeling Internal Link

The process for setting up White Labeling is as follows:

  1. Choose how billing will be handled.
    1. With FastComments Pro, you pay a fixed amount for up to a certain number of white labeled tenants.
    2. With FastComments Flex, you pay for each tenant and the usage of that tenant.
    3. You set the limits of each tenant in both cases.
      1. Limits can be customized on a per-tenant basis. Additionally, if you update the packages that you sell, you can do so without disrupting the pricing you've already provided to existing customers.
  2. Become familiar with the terminology:
    1. Tenant is a "customer".
    2. TenantUser is an administrator with a set of privileges in the Tenant.
    3. TenantPackage is a package with set of limits and pricing available to a Tenant.
  3. Integrate with our API or use scripts to on-board tenants.

Using The API Internal Link

To use the API to create a white labeled tenant, we must do the following:

  1. Call the Tenants API to create the tenant.
  2. Call the TenantPackages API to create one or more packages for the tenant.
  3. Call the Tenants API to define which package is active on the tenant.
  4. Call the TenantUsers API to add administrator users to the tenant.
  5. Call the Moderators API to add and invite moderators to the tenant.
  6. Optionally, Setup SSO.

This can all be done within the trial period.